The price objection is one of the most common and repeated and there is no seller or company that doesn’t have to face it.

It is the one that arouses the most concern in the seller and overcoming this kind of objections is a daily challenge for sales professionals


If you don’t know what to publish on Linkedin, here you can find a great list of ideas to inspire you (also applicable to other social networks)

“Only 1% of the millions of Linkedin users publish content weekly”

Pretty little really.

We are missing a large part of reality, of stories, of creative ideas, of interesting products, of possible contributions from all those millions of users who do not publish their ideas or do not share content…

Are you clear why you are not closing sales?

If not, it is always a good time to take a look in the mirror.

Yes, in the mirror. We generally blame what happens outside.

But the main origin is in ourselves. And in our process.

Although it may be difficult…

What do customers consider when deciding to buy?

In sales, there is a tendency lately to give a lot of importance to selling benefits.

In fact, to sell ONLY benefits.

Putting a lot of emphasis on what the product does for the customers, for improving their life, their business, for fulfilling their needs and motivations.

Sales gurus even…

Many businessmen all over the world study and apply in their companies the principles and ethical virtues of the Samurai Code (Bushido), which has a great application in the field of business.

On the other hand, the original meaning of Samurai was “those who serve”, which is closely related to…

The Bots´ War (The Trilogy)

Some might think that this story is not related to my typical sales articles. But it does, and a lot.

It’s just a matter of understanding the problems and mistakes that are hereunder revealed and not doing the same with your company and business.

It is not a fiction story.

TOP 25 — Raúl Sánchez Gilo

Key advice and fundamental principles for selling more and succeed selling.

For those who did not see them and even for those who want to see them again: it is a pleasure to present you a compilation of my 25 best English posts in Linkedin about sales topics.

Adding all the posts they reach more than 60,000 views. I want to…

How to win customer trust

There are concepts that never change in the world of sales, and one of them is the importance of building and gaining customer trust.

The trust factor is still a main key to sell more and build customer loyalty. It is also essential in closing operations beyond the price.


It is the most popular soft drink in the world and one of the most valuable brands. But behind all its great success in sales and marketing, what is really what they are trying to sell us? Why they successfully connect with all kinds of consumers?

Maybe to explain it…

May the Selling Force be with you!

At first, it is essential to know in depth your potential competitors to be able to beat them, identify if they are really fighting for the same market or clients and investigate who they really are. Learn what the others are doing and why.

The more information you have about…

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